Judge discharges bankruptcy after 50 Cent pays $22 million

HARTFORD, Conn. — A federal judge has discharged rapper 50 Cent’s bankruptcy case after he paid more than $22 million.
Bankruptcy Judge Ann Nevins approved the discharge Thursday in Hartford, Connecticut.
The rapper who burst onto the music scene in 2003 with his debut album, “Get Rich or Die Tryin,” filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in 2015, citing debts of $36 million and assets of less than $20 million.
Nevins approved a plan in July calling for 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson III, to pay back about $23 million.
Jackson’s lawyers said Thursday that he paid off the five-year plan early with $8.7 million of his own money and $13.65 million he received in a recent settlement of a legal malpractice lawsuit against other attorneys.
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Soulja Boy Charged with Felony Weapons Possession

Los Angeles prosecutors have charged rapper Soulja Boy with felony possession of an assault weapon and a handgun.
The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Monday that it had charged the rapper, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, and that his arraignment was scheduled for Monday.

Way was arrested last month by Los Angeles police.
Prosecutors said a search of his home found a Mini Draco AR-IS assault weapon and a Glock 21 handgun.

Authorities have said the handgun was reported stolen from a Huntington Beach, California, police vehicle.

Soulja Boy is best known for his 2007 hit “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” and for his recent appearances on VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop.”
Attempts to reach a representative for the rapper were not immediately successful. 




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Mexico says Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’ Guzaman extradited to US

MEXICO CITY Mexico’s government says it has extradited drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman to the United States, where he is wanted on drug trafficking and other charges.

The Foreign Relations Department has announced on Twitter that Guzman was being sent to the U.S. on Thursday, the day before Donald Trump is to be inaugurated as U.S. president.


The convicted Sinaloa cartel boss has been held most recently in a prison near the northern border city of Ciudad Juarez. He was recaptured a year ago after making a second brazen jailbreak and had fought extradition since then.
The Foreign Relations Department has announced on Twitter that Guzman was being sent to the U.S. on Thursday, the day before Donald Trump is to be inaugurated as U.S. president. 
“The government of the Republic announces that today the Fifth Appellate Criminal Court in Mexico City ruled to deny the protection of the Federal Justice system to Joaquín Guzmán Loera against the agreements made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on May 20, 2016 which permitted his extradition to the United States of America in order to be tried for various crimes, after finding that those agreements complied with constitutional requirements, the requirements of bilateral treaties and other legal rulings that are in effect and that his human rights were not and have not been violated by these proceedings,” the government said in a statement obtained by CBS News.  
The convicted Sinaloa cartel boss has been held most recently in a prison near the northern border city of Ciudad Juarez. 
The leader of the Sinaloa cartel has twice escaped from maximum-security prisons in Mexico, most recently in 2015. He was recaptured in January and is currently imprisoned in the northern border state of Chihuahua.
Guzman has cases pending in multiple jurisdictions, but the DOJ most recently indicted him on a new set of charges in Brooklyn in May 2016 on 16 drug related counts, CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid reported. It is mostly likely that he will face trial in that district, but the DOJ has not said that publicly.
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Bishop Eddie Long Dies From an ‘Aggressive Cancer’ at 63

Bishop Eddie Long, the embattled pastor of Georgia megachurch, New Birth Missionary Baptist, has died from an “aggressive form of cancer” according to the church. He was 63 years old.
New Birth issued a statement to the Atlanta Journal Constitution on Sunday, confirming his death.
Long made his last public appearance two weeks ago; the senior pastor had lost a significant amount of weight, prompting more than a few comments on social media about his thin, gaunt appearance, prognoses about the state of his health, and even rumors of hospice care.
As Long praise danced at the altar, he looked almost unrecognizable—his thick hair gone, replaced with a shiny bald head; his portly appearance now replaced by a shadow of his former self.
Long had been fielding concerns about this health for some time, and in September Long released a statement saying in part that he is recovering from an unnamed health issue.
“I am recovering from a health challenge that I trust God to deliver me from. It is unrelated to the eating for life diet consisting of mostly raw vegetables that I am continuing, as part of a holistic approach to good health.”
Long, the long-celebrated pastor of the 25,000-member congregation, faced serious controversy throughout his tenure—from financial impropriety to sexual misconduct with young men from his congregation (he was staunchly against homosexuality and advocated and sponsored “Sexual Reorientation” classes to supposedly convert homosexuals to heterosexuals.)
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More Charges in Kim Kardashian Heist

PARIS (AP) — Hailing the “remarkable work” of French police, Paris prosecutors on Friday announced preliminary charges against six more suspects in the armed jewelry heist of Kim Kardashian West.
That brings the total number of people charged so far in the probe to 10. All but one of the suspects are men, including at least one previously known to police for robbery and money forgery.
Robbers are believed to have forced their way into the apartment where Kardashian West was staying during Paris Fashion Week in October. They allegedly tied up the reality TV star and stole more than $10 million worth of jewelry. Authorities are now looking at a possible inside job.
Preliminary charges were filed Friday against six suspects ranging in age from 29 to 72 covered an array of alleged crimes. They included: armed robbery in an organized gang; kidnapping; criminal association; illegal possession of firearms — including a Kalashnikov rifle — and ammunition; use of forged papers and a fake identity, and complicity.
Preliminary charges — the first in the case — were also filed against four other people on Thursday.
Paris prosecutors have identified the 10 suspects only by their first names and surname initials and their dates of birth. Those charged Friday were:
—Aomar A., 60; faces preliminary charges of armed robbery in an organized gang, kidnapping, criminal association, illegal possession of ammunition, using a fake identify and false papers.
—Pierre B., 72; preliminary charges of armed robbery in an organized gang, kidnapping and criminal association.
—Didier D., 61; preliminary charges of armed robbery in an organized gang, kidnapping, criminal association and illegally possessing a Kalashnikov rifle.
—Francois D., 54; preliminary charges of armed robbery in an organized gang, kidnapping, criminal association and possession of false papers.
—Harminy A., 29; preliminary charges of armed robbery in an organized gang, kidnapping and criminal association.
—Christiane G., 70. The only woman among the 10 was handed preliminary charges of complicity in armed robbery and kidnapping, criminal association and the illegal possession of ammunition.
On Thursday, Kardashian West’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, welcomed the filing of charges as a “kind of closure” and denounced the robbery as “a disgusting act.”
Rich or poor, nobody deserves “anything to be taken from them,” she told The Associated Press.
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Obama Awards Biden With Medal Of Freedom

President Barack Obama on Thursday awarded Vice President Joe Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, during a surprise event at the White House paying tribute to him.

Moving Biden to tears, Obama hailed Biden as “the best vice president America has ever had” and “a lion of American history.” When concluding his remarks, he surprised Biden by announcing the honor, a medal of freedom with distinction, a special version of the medal that has only been awarded to three other people: Pope John Paul II, former President Ronald Reagan and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Obama said.

Biden, already teary during the tribute, began crying when the award was announced.
“I had no inkling,” Biden said, taking the podium after Obama awarded him the medal.

Obama honored Biden’s lifetime of public service, including his decades in the Senate and eight years as vice president, from championing the Violence Against Women Act, his diplomacy, his “cancer moonshot,” and his “It’s On Us” campaign to combat sexual assault on college campuses.

“That’s a pretty remarkable legacy, an amazing career in public service. It is, as Joe once said, a big deal,” Obama said, pausing between the “big” and the “deal.”
Obama’s tribute built on remarks he made during his Tuesday farewell address, when he called Biden his “brother.”

“To Joe Biden, the scrappy kid from Scranton who became Delaware’s favorite son: You were the first choice I made as a nominee, and the best,” Obama said in Chicago on Tuesday. “Not just because you have been a great vice president, but because in the bargain, I gained a brother.”

Both men have been outspoken about the deep friendship they have forged over their eight years in the White House, and Thursday’s event was no different, with both speaking in personal terms about each other and their families.

“Behind the scenes, Joe’s candid, honest counsel has made me a better president and a better commander in chief,” Obama said. “From the Situation Room, to our weekly lunches, to our huddles after everybody else has cleared out of the room, he has been unafraid to give it to me straight, even if we disagree. In fact, especially when we disagree. And all of this makes him, I believe, the finest vice president we have ever seen.”

Biden called Obama “a remarkable man.”

“I tell everybody, and I have told them from the beginning, and I am not saying this to reciprocate: I have never known a president, and few people I have ever met in my whole life ― I can count on less than one hand ― who have had the integrity and the decency and the sense of other people’s needs like you do,” Biden said to Obama.

“I just hope that the asterisk in history that is attached to my name when they talk about this presidency is that I can say I was part of the journey of a remarkable man who did remarkable things for this country,” he added later. “Remarkable things.”

Of the honor, Biden said: “I don’t deserve this. But I know it came from the president’s heart. There is a Talmudic saying that says, what comes from the heart enters the heart. Mr. President, you have creeped into our heart, you and your whole family, including Mom, and you occupy it.”

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